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Highnimations is our alter-ego in the fun and exciting animation world. We boast a massive amount of passion in the work we do, always seeking to provide engaging animations. The preference of animation to make fun and engaging content or advertisements is highly embraced, and we’d only be glad to put in our efforts. Our services are affordable and designed to suite any business or buyer.  


Animation requires the need to properly articulate the message that is being passed. As such, we will need to know the story beforehand to know what characters and scenes to rig.  A script is a very important part of the above. Buyers in need of these services are advised to have this ready before contacting us as this is what we base our creative process and the pricing on. 

If a script is not available, we can help you create one, though at an added cost. Worth noting, Many factors are included in the pricing including the length of animation, availability of an audio file (for adverts), as well as the number of characters and scenes, to mention but a few. 

We are available and ready to communicate with you for inquiries on business, partnerships or related matters.


Animations are fun and every once in a while we play around by animating comedy short and render samples! Embedded below are some of them. Have fun and feel free to share, comment and subscribe to our channel!